(i’m not using this blog, i’m using my side blog: http://snjokorn.tumblr.com/)

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it’s Mica, this is one of my old blogs and since someone hacked my other ones i’ll use this for a while
i made a side blog as well http://executions-razorbladesalvations.tumblr.com/ 

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Anonymous: If this isn't for thinspo, then what is it for?

nothing in particular, really, I just made it ^^

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 laurenedge replied to your post: bye

does that mean we unfollow this one? ):

I don’t know.. I’m not going to delete my posts here and maybe I’ll upload again some day, but not for a long time though :o

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If you’re using this blog as a thinspo -

stop following me

(yes, I’m serious)

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(via thedepravity)

(via thedepravity)

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